Toddler Blogging?

What is toddler blogging? Hmmm… New beginnings!Do you sometimes feel like a toddler?🙁 Your legs feel wobbly, and you stumble.😣 You take a few steps forward, then back a few.😲 You reach out and hold on until you feel your balance again.😯 Oops! Sometimes you fall on your butt. 😖😭Sometimes you may just plop right […]

Let’s Talk Time Management

Hello Friends/ So many things to do… “How do I find the time?” All of you who may be longtime bloggers have continually shared with your readers about creating several posts at one time. Hmmm. Maybe you have something there. Or, I’m thinking that a series may be a good idea. What are your thoughts. […]

March Challenge – Plant Your Story Garden

Hello Friends Ready to begin your story garden? March is the perfect time to start seeds indoors. I love to watch a seedling pop through the soil. One morning, there is a little nub, just at the surface of the soil. I love going back throughout the day to see how it progresses under the […]